CLIENT: Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation
DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Foit-Albert Associates
ROLE: Design Leader and creative direction
CATEGORY: Architecture

In 2012, Ambiances Design Productions has been selected to design and develop a visual master plan for the enhancement of the industrial heritage of the city of Buffalo.

The objectives of the visual master plan were, first, to develop a strategy for implementation with the goal of determining which buildings (grain elevators or bridges) should host an artistic intervention in the context of revitalizing the sector.

Secondly, the master plan also allowed to determined the nature of the installation (permanent / seasonal and light / multimedia) in order to maximize the impact of the enhancement of this unique industrial architectural heritage of this place and create new and unique nightlife destinations for the local community and the tourist!

Finally, the master plan provided a comprehensive plan synthesized for cohesion and synergy of projects reflecting the artistic intent; a useful planning tool for decision makers of the city and mostly to provide a cohesive vision of the future urban context of Buffalo.

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