Our mission is to create unique visual multimedia environments offering distinctive experiences in the arts, architecture and museum fields.

To do so, our multidisciplinary team designs creative scenographic solutions using the latest in video, lighting, sound, control system and interactivity technologies.

At each step, we support our customers and partners in the realization of their projects to create innovative and memorable visual experiences!

- Design of multimedia visual environments using video, lighting, sound, control systems and interactive and scenographic elements
- Design and production of video content
- Scripting and writing 
- Technical drawings and production of specifications
- Preliminary studies and technical assessments 
- 3D simulations
- R & D and custom design
- Budgetary assessments and preliminary studies 
- Turnkey projects 

Ambiances Design Productions is a company specialized in the design of multimedia visual environments showcasing an international portfolio.

The company has worked on various projects such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, museums, shows and specialized installations worldwide. Of these, several received prestigious awards and recognitions. Ambiances Design Productions has acquired over the years a wealth of experience and expertise pertaining to scripting, content production, lighting, video, control systems, sound and interactivity.

Our interdisciplinary practice is constantly perfected by the completion of projects combining art, architecture, engineering and multimedia.

To complete both artistic and technical projects, Ambiances Design Productions assembled team of creative and passionate professionals from various fields of work (lighting, architecture, scenography, engineering, environment design, sound design, industrial design, graphic design and programming in lighting, video, and interactivity).

The complementary expertise of the multidisciplinary team allows the orchestration of efforts in order to produce inventive and innovative achievements!

Martin Gagnon,
I.E.S.N.A, I.A.L.D President and Creative Director

Founder and President of Ambiances Design Productions since 2006, Martin Gagnon has pursued his career in lighting design and creative direction. For over 20 years, he has taken part in architectural, museum-related and artistic projects by taking on many positions such as Lighting Designer, Scenographic Designer, Creative Director and Producer.

During his career, his expertise in the business has enabled him to participate in several projects in the arts field, and he is a long-time collaborator of Robert Lepage (Elseneur, Jean sans nom, Zulu Time, Moulin à images, Aurora Borealis – co-creator of this light work). Martin has also collaborated in the creation of visual environments using light and video with several museums such as the Musée de la civilisation de Québec, the Musée Pointe-à-Callière and the Smithsonian Institute.

The installation of a luminous marquee at the Casino de Montréal, the lighting design at the Auberge Saint-Antoine (I.E.S.N.A award), the preliminary lighting concept of two halls for two of the Cirque du Soleil’s show venues, the revitalization of the Salon Urbain at the Place des Arts with Sid Lee / Aedifica and the lighting design of the Winnipeg Casino with Smith Carter architects are just a few examples of his involvement in institutional and commercial projects.

In addition, Martin has also conceived the scenographic and lighting design for Dubai’s fifth film festival. He collaborated with Beau McClellan to create the largest chandelier in the world installed in Qatar where, with his team, he was responsible for the interactive design and video content. He was also the Producer and Creative Director of Fresque de nuit, a multisensory large scale outdoor show.

Motivated by a desire to unite form and function in each of the environments in which he participates, Martin uses state-of-the-art multimedia techniques to stimulate the senses and believes that a thought out and profound narrative content is the most effective tool to establish a strong, convincing and lasting relationship with the public. According to him, technology should always be employed at the service of creativity, not the opposite way.

- 2012 – Grands prix du design – Projet de l’année exequo. Projet Salon Urbain Place des arts, Montréal, Canada.
- 2012 – Grands prix du design – Espace public exequo. Projet Salon Urbain Place des arts, Montréal, Canada. 
- RIBA-Prix de l’architecture émergente de l’institut Architecturale de la Grande Bretagne. Projet Le Cube, Winnipeg, Canada. 
- Record Guiness – La plus grande projection. Le moulin à images, Québec, Canada. 
- Record Guiness – Le plus grand Chandelier. Reflective Flow, Doha, Qatar, EAU. 
- Prix Méri-Thor – 2005 Le projet du Relais-Château Auberge Saint-Antoine, Québec, Canada.
- Prix Lumières IES – Montréal 2004, catégorie éclairage d’intérieur pour son travail de conception d’éclairage sur le projet Relais-Château Auberge Saint-Antoine, Québec, Canada.

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